General Staffing Solutions

Efficient staffing solutions to boost and improve productivity

Fede Foi Foi provides temporary & permanent general staffing services across India and the Middle East. Skill sets for a variety of commerce categories anywhere in India any country. The whole Human Resource process right from the recruitment and applicant selection, pay rolling, on-boarding, agreement and training to make management info is managed by us. We have the technology and trained professionals, who can offer strong hazard management processes. Thereupon when employees with special skills and expert are necessary for specific projects, we highlight the best from the market and provide the right HR support to connoisseur and help our clientele provide them for the contract period.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Flexibility in workforce across other activities.
  • Trim down time and cost of selection.
  • Eliminates excessive granted procedures.
  • Helps comply with all statutory actions.
  • Our Hardworking team of consultants functions across in India and the Middle East, with over huge contract employees across client locations, to deal with complex projects.
  • Our team performance stems from 10 years of proficiency in recruitment, high-quality management processes, Latest new technology systems and web tools that we use to provide excellence services.
  • We have exceptional experience in statutory and benefits administration with a sure risk management processes.

Fede Foi Staffing services in India. Fede Foi is a leading provider of staffing services, temporary staffing and permanent staffing With companies across India and the Middle East serious importance on their HRM, temporary staffing is a fast up tend because it helps improves focus on principal / critical actions, can be designed to the seasonal nature of business, helps business uncertainties and requirement of up and down of business.

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